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Coding of repeated abnormal blood tests

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How to code repetead abnormal blood tests?

HIO's Team DRAFT Answer:

Please refer to Coding Guideline P05, "Procedures normally not coded" which states: 

The majority of procedure codes provided in the CMP-CY catalogue describe significant medical
procedures that have to be coded according to CCG P01 General coding guidelines for procedures
(page 13). However, some codes of CMP-CY are considered "routine" and thus insignificant

Coding of these routine procedures is not mandatory as resource consumption of these procedures is
already reflected in diagnoses and/or associated procedures. Furthermore, routine procedures should
not be coded as unspecified or residual codes (e.g. 99.99 Other miscellaneous procedures). Routine
procedures can be defined as procedures, which are performed for most patients and/or repeatedly
during hospitalization.
For example, the following procedures should normally not be coded:
57.94 Insertion of indwelling urinary catheter
57.95 Replacement of indwelling urinary catheter
87.49 Other chest x-ray
88.21 Skeletal x-ray of shoulder and upper arm
88.7- Diagnostic ultrasound
89.52 Electrocardiogram
90.52 Microscopic examination of blood: culture
99.18 Injection or infusion of electrolytes
99.21 Injection of antibiotic