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Delivery - difference between assisted and spontaneous normal delivery

Author: Preview Account Views: 4354 Created: 2010-11-15 10:55 Last Updated: 2010-11-15 10:55
Hhow would you define the difference between spontaneous normal delivery and assisted NVD. Should artificially rupturing of membranes or insertion of gels be coded? and then should the delivery be coded as assisted?


HIO Answer:

Assisted vaginal delivery is used by doctors, during the course of labor, when situations arise that require urgent delivery to prevent problems for mother or baby. Assisted vaginal delivery refers to the use of forceps (metal instruments specially designed to guide the baby's head) or a vacuum extractor (a suction device applied to the baby's head) to assist in the mother's efforts of pushing the baby out of the birth canal.

If you search under procedures in the browsing and coding software (code viewer) using the systematic index or using the searchword "rupture" or "membranes" you get procedure code 73.01 "Induction of labor by artifical rupture of membranes" and that code shoule be used.  There is no is no procedure code for insertion of gels, and thus, it should not be coded.  From the procedure code 73.01, we can tell that that the delivery was an induced not an assisted one.

For diagnoses, searching the browsing and coding software using "induced" produces no results. Searching for "induction" produces several codes from which, any relevant ones refer to failed induction of labor.   Therefore, it is concluded that the delivery cannot be coded as induced (and as mentioned above, since it was not an assisted delivery, it will not be coded as assisted delivery either).  The principal diagnosis should be the complication (if there was any).  If there was no complication, then O80.0 should be used for principal diagnosis.