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Unexpected DRG results when coding M34.9 "Systemic sclerosis" as principal diagnosis witrth length of stay one day

Author: Preview Account Views: 3150 Created: 2010-11-05 09:21 Last Updated: 2010-11-10 09:53

I have a case where a woman was admitted with systemic sclerosis for one night (M34.9). No procedures available. When I applied the details in the grouper the results showed:

DRG I66E without describing text, cost weight 0.000.  Lenght of stay lower:0- mean:0-upper:0

What is the problem?


HIO team answers:

At first: The grouping result and the lower and upper trimpoint information are correct: The DRG I66E "Other connective tissue disorders, length of stay one day" is one of the DRGs defined by the length of stay = one day. If the patient would stay longer, the DRG would also change. Therefore, the average length of stay in these one-day-DRGs is always one day and because of that, by definition, there are no lower, mean (always 1), or upper trimpoints defined.

But you are right in that there is a technical problem, too:

The missing description and the missing cost weight information were technical problems that the HIO expects to resolve soon

HIO Team update:

The technical issues have been resolved - when coding such cases, there is now a description and the cost weight in the results.